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Apart from a complete understanding of yourself, career test and professional analysis could also offer you great assistance in attaining self-awareness. Learning your own strengths and drawbacks, and personal orientation are basic elements to achieve great self-awareness. Competency analysis provides an effective way to make a further step in this regard. More importantly, the compatibility of the industry developing state and your own personal goal should never be neglected.
Career Planning:
A comprehensive understanding of yourself and the industry developing state is the prerequisite. Also, a clear career planning would be of great help. Personal development orientation, gradual goal setting, feasible implementation plan creating and persistent effort are all necessary aspects for your personal career development.
Prepare a resume based on your work experience and job objective. A good resume states clearly your work experience, expertise and personality, etc. What’s more, it speaks out that you are exactly the right person for this position.
Interview Skills:
Effective interview skills always ensure you a better performance during interviews and a better impression for interviewers. A comprehensive preparation beforehand, proper business etiquettes, and good communication skills are helpful for a successful interview. Above all, honesty is a must during interviews.
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