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      AR Manager / Collection Manager
      應收賬款經理 AR Manager / Collection Manager
      ◆ The Collection Manager coordinates activities of a team of Collection Analysts to meet collection targets and minimize outstanding debts. 
      Provide daily operational guidance and support to collection team and proactively improve process and increase collection efficiency.
      ◆ Authorize credit applications within established company guidelines and up to a pre-speficifed dollar amount, as well as performing the duties of the Collection Analyst (following up keyaccounts/difficult accounts).
      ◆ Provide daily operational guidance and support to collection team. Assign and adjust tasks,manage and balance workload across team.
      ◆ Follow up collection on key accounts and difficult accounts, and/or accounts in special area (e.g. SEA) when requested. 
      Make own judgement / decisions as appropriate and escalate to Department Manager and or Sales Team when necessary.
      ◆ Lead the team to analyze root cause behind delinquent accounts and implement and supervise corrective actions to improve collection. 
      Respond to complex, escalated enquiries and help team to handle difficult collection cases so that the team’s resources are used effectively.
      ◆ Supervise the communication between Finance Collection Team and other internal functional teams (Sales, CS, Project, Sourcing etc.) to ensure good collaboration.
      ◆ Proactively increase collection efficiency through process improvement, training, and good communication both internally and externally.
      ◆ Review and approve credit applications within established company guidelines and up to a pre-specified dollar amount.
      ◆ Supervise credit documents preparation and monitor the credit status of customers so that credit applications can be accurately assessed, 
      and raise suggestion to manager in time for changing credit limit / payment terms to avoid risk.
      ◆ Be one of the main contact points from Finance Department for DAX system improvement.
      ◆ Responsible for internal process & compliance audit to ensure that Finance processes,documentation and supporting are respected and followed, 
      and minimize compliance risks When the regular credit review system is set up and running, this position may also be required to take up/lead the regular credit review activities.
      ◆ Maintain reports and filing system regularly to ensure accurate and complete record of collection status and allow for 
      accurate assessment Support to review sales/purchase contract per request, and highlight concern/issues to manager.
      ◆ Responsible for new customer p-file set up in the AX system.
      ◆ Support internal and external audits.
      ◆ Manage petty cash for the office. Make cash payments to employees, vendors and suppliers when necessary.
      ◆ Other duties as assigned by manager (including not are not limited to audit, banking, tax billing, government statutory process).
      ◆ University degree or equivalent with 4-5 years experience in collection and credit
      (among which at least 1 to 2 years were on supervisory role)
      ◆ Well versed in MS Word, MS Excel, email and internet
      ◆ Good command of English, both verbal and written. Excellent Chinese (Mandarin) verbal and written. Occasionally needs to join conference calls with overseas counterparts
      ◆ Basic knowledge of accounting, banking, and finance
      ◆ Outgoing personality with good communication and interpersonal skills
      ◆ Assertive, yet tactful personal style.
      ◆ Knowledge and experience in performance coaching and team building
      ◆ Successful record of communicating with internal and external customers
      ◆ Mature and proactive, able to cope with stress and work under pressure
      ◆ Problem solving skills, work independently
      ◆ Well organized, sense of urgency
      ◆ Analytical thinking and follow-through
      ◆ Hardworking, team oriented, strong ethics.
      ◆ Domestic travel for collection issue may be required
      ◆ Degree in Accounting or equivalent is preferable
      ◆ Experience in navigating through various accounting functions of an ERP System
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