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Quality Manager
一.Job Description:
A. Quality Management
1. Responsible for reviewing and approval Inspection Work Instruction.
2. Responsible for reviewing quality issues, raise improvement proposal and provide process support.
3. Responsible for Supplier Quality Management.
4. Responsible for production in-process quality management.
5. Responsible for external Customer Claim and Warranty issues.

B. IMS integrated system management
1. Establish, maintain and continuously improve IMS to make it effective, suitable and adequate. Ensure Management System to meet existing organization, business operation and requirements from Shareholder & Customer.
2. Responsible for reviewing of Management Manual, procedure, etc.
3. Responsible for organizing internal system audit, product audit and process audit.
4. Responsible for coordinating 2nd and 3rd party audit.
5. Responsible for assisting Management Representative to make management review.

C. Six Sigma work management 
1. Responsible for implementation plan of auditing programs.
2. Responsible for participation of Program Review.
3. Responsible for program completion status reviewing.
4. Responsible for providing support to Program deployment.

D. Q1 establishment and maintain

E. Daily work management for Quality Management Department

F. Other assignment by upper leaders 

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