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Our promises
Legality:The consultation services of our company must strictly be in full compliance with national laws and policies.
Confidentiality: After signing service contracts, we promise to maintain secrecy for clients and talents and not to reveal trade secrets of enterprises or confidential information of talents to a third party without authorization;
Non-solicitation: After signing service contracts, we strictly restrict solicitation of any current employees from our client's enterprise.
Exclusive Talent Recommendation: Appropriate candidates will be recommended within a specified period as stipulated in the contract. One candidate will only be recommended to one client per time.
Talent Substitute: Should the recommended candidate terminate the employment contract with clients within warranty period, another candidate of equivalent position and work content will be recommended for clients free of charge.
Emergency measures: Should there be no candidate appropriate enough recommended to clients within contract period, clients can request either to keep seeking candidates of the same position, or to recommend candidates for the other job vacancy.
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